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Who We Are

We are a creative agency with original proposals in communicationcontent and entertainment. That is why our productions are characterised by innovative life experiences creating new stories that will generate an organic, unique, attractive and valuable content. 

With extensive international career, the offshore production in the world of music, sports, fashion and tourism is our greatest strength. For each project we engage in a comprehensive manner, taking care of every detail, through the development of a master plan and its eventual implementation. 

According to the specific needs of each project we create a team, passionated for what they do. In all cases dedication and professionalism is the key to meet the objectives. 



We generate content for different formats and platforms. We specialize in the production of television programs, brand content and professional coverage.

PR & Communication

We build value by developing communication strategies and action plans for the call and amplification in traditional and figital medias. Our goal is to increase community and enhance communication organically.


We create and produce exclusive experiences. The aim is to create a positive affinity between our client and its client, generating moments of great value; special, unique and unforgettable. You will only live such experience once, but remember it all your life.

Own Platforms

We create and develop our own projects transforming ideas into new challenges. It is the key to innovation and creativity to remain constant; we know the market, we expanded our capabilities and learn by doing what most excites us.

Brand Activations

We produce events, activations and promotions from the start up with ideas and concepts, until further implementation and operation. We have extensive international experience and tje ability to innovate in the proposals.

Sports Players Representation

Intermediation between clubs and sports brands. Advisory. Sports marketing. Relationship with clubs. Negotiation and contracts management. Advice on image and sponsorship contracts. Financial planning.



For general inquiries:

Marcelo Carballar

Business Manager

Sofía Sanguinetti

Project Manager Argentina

Roberto Mendoza

Project Manager Mexico

Mariella Carrillo

Project Manager USA

Patricia Arce

Project Manager Peru

Pablo A. Mundo

Regional CFO

Marc Van Der Aa

Photo Director

Claudia Yllanes

Regional Project Manager